Tri Nature: Sustainability

Tri Nature is committed to the highest level of environmental care.

This stewardship encompasses not only the type of raw materials we use in the production of our products but also the source of these materials and the impact of their production on the environment and on the social welfare of the people involved in their production.


These are our commitments:

In all areas where it is relevant to use only ingredients sourced from renewable, natural resources. To ensure that the cultivation, collection and processing of raw materials for our products is environmentally sustainable. This implies the need for companies to exhibit sustainable agricultural practises and environmentally compatible systems.

To ensure that exploitation of humans or animals is not involved in any of the processes concerned with the raw material production and that the companies involved have a balanced social commitment to their workforce.

Tri Nature has been at the vanguard of environment commitment since 1989 and will continue to advance our vision of ‘Gentle Chemistry’ in all aspects of our business enterprises.