10 Christmas Side Dishes sure to Impress!

Whether you’re hosting Christmas or arriving as a guest, you are guaranteed to impress armed with any of these crowd favourites. Tried and tested, these recipes not only look beautiful on the plate, but they also taste pretty delicious!


1. Cheesy Baked Asparagus (Credit: Delish, Hearst Communications, Inc.)

2. Garlic Smashed Potatoes (Credit: Delish, Hearst Communications, Inc.)

3. Double Mint Potato Salad (Credit: Delicious, NewsLifeMedia)

4. Carrot Gratin (Credit: Delicious, NewsLifeMedia)


5. Baked Berry Cheesecake (Credit: Delicious, NewsLifeMedia)

6. Chocolate Terrine (Credit: Delicious, NewsLifeMedia)

7. Strawberry Slice (Credit: Delicious, NewsLifeMedia)

8. White Chocolate & Peach Trifle (Credit: Delicious, NewsLifeMedia)

Don’t forget to use our food safe, odourless disinfectant on your chopping board and benches pre and post cooking. Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas!

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