3 Signs your hand wash could be ageing your hands…

When it comes to ageing, our hands are not usually one of the areas of concern that spring to mind. However, they are one of the first places on our body that age shows and one of the hardest to combat.

There are 3 ways you can tell if your hand wash is making your hands look older than they should be.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

1. Your hands feel ‘tight’ after washing.

Does the skin on your hands feel taught and dry after washing & drying your hands? If so, it’s time to switch products.

Having ‘tight’ feeling skin is a sign that the natural oils and moisture of the skin have been stripped, leaving the skin vulnerable to damage and ageing. This is a common effect of hand washes containing soap and, in some cases, petroleum solvents.

Tri Nature’s Moisturising Hand Wash is soap-free and free from petroleum solvents. As a bonus, it is enriched with skin-conditioning emollients to ensure your hands are replenished & relaxed after every wash.

2. Your hands look dehydrated.

On average we wash our hands 8 times per day. If your hands do not feel soft & nourished, then they need extra moisture.

Every time we wash our hands, we are washing away any hydrating creams that we may have used, including the natural oils in our hands. A good tip is to keep a hand lotion beside each hand wash bottle so that after you wash & dry your hands, you can easily pop some lotion on with minimal fuss.

Tri Nature Hand Lotion is a non-greasy lotion infused with the nourishing & soothing oils of camellia and calendula. Vitamin E and Oat extracts repair & rejuvenate tired skin to leave your hands looking soft, smooth, and relaxed.

3. Age spots.

Whilst there are a variety of contributors to age spots, the biggest culprit is the sun.

Frequent hand washing with harsh products will continually strip your skin of any protection, leaving it exposed to maximum UV damage. Re-application of sun cream is always recommended, combined with seeking more gentle hand wash alternatives like our soap-free hand wash.

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