4 Quick Tips for Clutter-Free Christmas Gifting

Every Christmas there is gradually becoming more and more emphasis on making more mindful gift selections in an effort to reduce waste.

Pair this with the fact that we’re currently unable to ‘make space’ in our homes due to most charities not accepting donations of goods during COVID-19, and it is now more important than ever to be mindful about what we are bringing into our homes.

To help you make a more thoughtful gift selection for Christmas this year, we’ve put together our favourite gift ideas for a clutter-free Christmas in 2020. Here goes!

1. Consumables

A great gift idea for the ones who are typically difficult to buy for. Make it something you know they’ll use – a household or personal care product, or simply an indulgent treat to eat/drink.

2. Gift Cards

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but especially for many of our smaller local businesses. Why not show them some support by purchasing a gift card from their store? This will not only support your local community, but it will also create minimal waste (particularly waste related to freight/shipping) and ensure that the person gets something they will actually use or keep. Not only that, but you’ll be giving a gift to two people instead of one!

3. Experiences

Memories truly are the greatest treasures we have in life. By gifting someone an experience, rather than a physical object, you’ll be enriching their lives and adding one more amazing memory for them to treasure forever. If the gift is for someone very close to you, why not choose an experience that you can go and do together?

4. Purposefully packaged

Try to wrap your gifts thoughtfully. Use materials that can be kept and re-purposed year after year. One of our favourites is the Japanese Furoshiki method, which involves using a piece of reusable linen or cloth to wrap the item, securing it by tying the top or with string or ribbon, and using a touch of greenery to garnish the top (we love an Australian Native!)

So there you have it! With these easy tips in mind, we here at Tri Nature wish you all a very happy holiday season for 2020!

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