4 Simple Designer Tips for Creating Ultra-Relaxing Home Spaces

With many Australians spending more time in their homes than usual, combined with the increased levels of stress and anxiety that comes along with it, there is no better time to focus on finding ways to boost your mood and get your creative juices flowing.

A great way to achieve this is by changing up your surrounding environment and by creating a relaxing and calming ambience in your home for you and your family to enjoy.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a stylist or an interior designer to create a sumptuous, tranquil space. Even small changes can make a big difference, but for those who want to shake things up, we’ve brought the designer expertise to you!

So without further ado, here are our totally easy-to-follow tips, brought to you by professional designers:

1. Include plenty of natural textures and layers in your space to increase the comfort factor

Voluptuous cushions, cosy blankets, textured rugs and soft linens are only a few choices. Add natural materials to your furniture and ornaments, like wood and glass, to bring the outdoors in. All of these elements together will soften the interior and bring more balance to the space.

2. Get your lighting right

Start by switching off the main light and then layer light from smaller sources, such as table and floor lamps. You want to create ambient warm pools of light that draw the eye, rather than flooding the whole room.

Once you have that down, place some lanterns in varying sizes around the living space (usually grouped in 3), and have a mix of candles and tea lights burning. Nothing is more tranquil than the soft flickering of candlelight for instant relaxation!

You could also add strings of fairy lights dotted around the home for a more intimate feel.

Pro tip – Remember never to leave candles lit unattended in your home!

3. Simplify and streamline

To create a calm and relaxing ambience, your space needs to feel clean and uncluttered, with a clear purpose. Using items that bring you joy, create a space that suits your personal needs and doesn’t just bow to the current trends. We’re all individuals, after all, and each of us is unique.

To help relieve stress and anxiety, do some decluttering and give the space a good clean prior to refreshing the layout and décor. Tri Nature makes cleaning your home a breeze with its range of eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. Right now we’re offering 2 convenient Spring Cleaning sets which are on sale until September 30th 2021.

4. Indulge the senses

To create an indulgent relaxing ambience, add a high-quality natural fragrance to the air. Choose your favourite Tri Nature pure essential oil or blend, pop it in your diffuser, and let the aroma transform the mood in your home.

So there you have it! Do you have any great home decor tips to add to this list? Let us know over on our website!

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