5 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We are certainly fans of moving to more eco-friendly choices for cleaning and personal care products. After all, these daily-use items if not formulated to be gentle and eco-friendly have the potential to cause issues with our health and the environment.

We have previously looked at what defines eco-friendly, sustainable and green products and now we will look at some of the reasons to use eco-friendly cleaning products. Find out below how eco products are not only better for the environment but also how using them can improve your life.

1. Better for the environment

The number one and most obvious reason to make the change to eco-friendly products is that they are better for the environment. From the formula choices (biodegradable and phosphate-free) to the recyclable packaging, reducing harm to the environment is at the forefront of legitimate eco-cleaning brands, and Tri Nature is no exception.

At Tri Nature, we focus on the holistic benefit to the environment, including the land, air, and waterways, and also the people who are using or are exposed to the products.

2. No harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, mineral acids, and ammonia are commonly found in mass-produced, supermarket cleaners and can be hazardous to your health (e.g. cause burns and irritation) even when used as directed. They can be even more dangerous if they are mixed together releasing toxic and even potentially fatal chemicals. It is much safer to keep these harmful products out of our homes and opt for a gentler alternative in eco-friendly products.

By focusing on gentle plant-based, biodegradable ingredients and avoiding these harsh chemicals, we are able to make effective eco-friendly products that clean just as well as (if not better than) traditional cleaners but are also safer for our customers to use.

3. Cruelty free

Eco-friendly brands (including us here at Tri Nature) are usually aligned with producing cruelty-free products and would never dream of testing products on animals. Testing on animals (such as those cute little bunnies) is not necessary and often does not provide any useful information because animal studies do not always correlate with the human experience. We can make safe products without animal testing and choose to do so.

Tri Nature is accredited with the Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) organisation, an independent non-profit working to end animal testing in Australia. CCF has recently joined with Cruelty-Free International to combine forces and end animal testing for cosmetic, personal care, and household cleaning products globally.

4. Gentle on noses

Eco-friendly products are generally much gentler on noses than their traditional counterparts. Traditional supermarket cleaners often use harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia which can easily irritate the respiratory system. They also often have very high fragrance levels to provide the feeling of cleanness which can also be irritating to our sinuses.

At Tri Nature, we leave out the harsh chemicals and prefer to use gentle ingredients and essential oil-based fragrances to provide an effective product with a pleasant aroma rather than overwhelming the sinuses[1].

5. Cost-effective

Purchasing eco-friendly products is often seen as an expensive option; however, selecting the right products can actually be very economical.

Tri Nature offers high-quality concentrated formulas, some that require very little of the product to be used (such as Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid) and others that can be diluted at home. Not only do these concentrated formulas reduce packaging waste, but they also work out to be very economical. For example, a single 1LT bottle of Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant Concentrate can be diluted to make up to 40 x 500ml bottles of disinfectant. Now that’s value.

While the upfront cost might seem more expensive, you’re getting a lot more for your dollar and are not having to fork out every few weeks (rather, a couple of times a year). It’s all about saving a dollar while saving the planet.

Check out our wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products.

[1] It must be noted that any product formulation comes with some risk of allergy; for example, even natural ingredients can flare up allergies for people who react to certain botanicals.

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