5 Tips for reducing your waste this Christmas

I love Christmas. Yes, it’s a crazy, frantically busy, stress-filled time of year. But at the core of it all – its pure love. It’s about every person putting their daily lives on hold for that one moment to spend time with each other.

The one thing I don’t like about Christmas – Santa’s trail of waste. Every year, once Christmas day (and night) festivities are complete, our waste bins are overflowing with paper shoved into every available space. Each year, I challenge myself to do better and see how much I can reduce this waste. I am pleased to report that every year, we have achieved a greater waste reduction.

I have compiled some of my top tips for reducing waste when gift-giving:

The Decorated Cookie recycled glass cookie jar and Christmas cookiesReal Simple recycled glass biscuit jars and jam-filled shortbread biscuits

(Image Credit: The Decorated Cookie & Real Simple)

1. For those small gifts (like secret Santa, or gifts for teachers), recycle a glass jar you have and fill it with some homemade Christmas treats. Decorate the jar with a circle of cloth fabric and some cloth ribbon, and you have the perfect eco gift made with love and minimal fuss!

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping in fabric wrapsBright Christmas present fabric wraps

(Image Credit: Country Living UK & Apartment Therapy )

2. Gift wrapping – instead of wrapping gifts in something disposable, consider using material that you already have around the house, a beautiful scarf/sarong, basket, or a pot. It will not only make your gift look unique, but is something that the recipient can repurpose.

Recycled paper gift wrap, recycled material ribbon and natural flower garnishRecycled paper Christmas gift wrapping with dried leaves and natural twine

(Image Credit: Craft Hunter & Deavita)

3. Once you have wrapped your gift, add some finishing touches using recycled string or cloth ribbon. Finish the decoration with fresh flowers & greenery from the garden (like lavender, rosemary sprigs, a nice leaf or gum nut cluster, etc).

Re-purposed Christmas gift tagsRe-purposed christmas card gift tag on a wine bottle

(Image Credit: Anonymous)

4. Instead of throwing those old Christmas cards away, repurpose them. Cut the back off the card, and use the front image to create a nice gift tag.

Christmas gifts wrapped in recycled materials and adorned with astralian wattle and eucalyptus plantsrecycled Christmas gift wrapping adorned with fresh flowers

(Image Credit: Jessica Gordon Ryan & Toll Was Blumen Machen)

5. If you do need new gift wrapping materials, choose ones made from recycled materials. A roll of brown recycled paper is suitable for every wrapping job and can be decorated to look as fancy or simple as you desire.

Not only will these tips create a beautiful gift filled with love, but often it will inspire the recipient to be more eco-conscious with their gift-giving too. A win-win solution for all!

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