8 Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas to Inspire You (Part 2)

At Tri Nature, we love anything that’s eco-friendly and made with the environment in mind, and Christmas time is no exception to this.

Last week we shared 4 out of 8 inspiring ideas for your home during the Christmas season, and this week we’re back to share even more! Let’s do this!

5. Hand-made Christmas cards – using recycled paper and leftover materials

Credit: gathered.how

What’s more special than receiving a card from a friend or loved one at Christmas? Receiving one that’s been made entirely by hand, of course!

These adorable knitted Christmas cards are a great way for avid knitters and crocheters to use up some of those old half-finished rolls of yarn, but if you don’t knit, you can just as easily cut your own designs from leftover material and/or old pieces of clothing as well. Each card will be just as special, and can even be framed to use as decor for years and years to come.

As an added eco-bonus, use upcycled cardboard or paper for the cards.

Follow this handy online DIY tutorial to create the knitted cards pictured above, or use your own imagination! The only limit is your creativity.

6. Opt for a reusable advent calendar

Credit: notonthehighstreet.com

Forget those packaging-heavy store-bought advent calendars. Opt for a reusable advent calendar that you can fill with just about anything you want instead, from sweets and chocolates to your favourite bath bombs or self-care treats.

The best part about a reusable or homemade advent calendar is that it doubles as Christmas decor as well. Just take these adorable examples pictured above. Who wouldn’t love to have one of these sitting on a shelf during the holidays?

7. Reusable gift wrapping

Credit: heavenlynhealthy.com

Fall in love with the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki (fabric wrapping). Not only will your Christmas gifts look amazing, but you’ll also be helping to save tons of disposable wrapping paper from ending up in landfills too.

Adorn your beautiful gifts with fresh-cut flowers or branches for that extra level of style. These Furoshiki gifts will be a surefire hit under the tree on the big day!

8. Dining table decor

Credit: twothirds.com

There’s nothing more elegant than having fresh florals and plant cuttings adorning the dining table for Christmas dinner. Natural decor brings a whole new element to your dining space, making your guests feel as though the outdoors have been brought in.

Couple it with reusable fabric napkins and ditch any cheap single-use tableware, and you’ve got yourself an eco-friendly masterpiece. Viola!

Want even more ideas about how to be more eco-friendly during the festive season?

Head on over to our blog ‘Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas.’ It is a fantastic list of ideas to help you and your family reduce your holiday waste and reduce stress over Christmas.

Another great eco-tip is to ensure you use planet-friendly cleaning and kitchen products in your home. At Tri Nature, we’ve removed harsh, aggressive chemicals and unnecessary fillers from your everyday household products, making them a better choice for your family and the planet.

You can also reduce your plastic consumption by trying our refill, concentrate, and bulk buying options. For example, a 1-litre bottle of our Supre Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate makes 20 x 500ml spray bottles of cleaner. Saving the planet and your wallet at the same time – win-win!

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