8 Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas to Inspire You (Part 1)

At Tri Nature, we love anything that’s eco-friendly and made with the environment in mind, and Christmas time is no exception to this.

We’ve all heard it before, Christmas time can be one of the most wasteful times of the year for the average Australian household. If you’re anything like me, you may be looking for ways to make more eco-responsible choices for the holidays, and so I want to share with you some of the inspiration and ideas I’ve found to make my own home more eco-friendly during the festive season. Here goes!

1. DIY Eucalyptus Garland

Credit: homeohmy.com

This beautiful natural garland is the perfect way to decorate any space in your home for the holidays. It’s made from real Eucalyptus branches which are subtly bound together with string. The best part? This gorgeous garland will look amazing all-year-round, even after the leaves have dried out, so it’s great for any season, or even to store away for use again next year.

Read the DIY tutorial here to find out how to make one of these beautiful garlands yourself at home.

2. DIY Native Floral Wreath

Credit: swallowsnestfarm.com

This stunning Australian native Christmas wreath will bring the festive spirit to life in your home, and with continual watering, will most likely outlast it too.

This beautiful natural floral wreath will look great hanging from any door or adorning any table as a centrepiece, but if purchasing native florals from your local florist isn’t really your thing, the good news is that you can use just about any plants you’d like in it, including whatever might be available in your very own garden.

Follow this easy DIY tutorial to make your own.

3. DIY Pinecone Elves

Credit: liagriffith.com

These adorable little hand-made pinecone elves make great decorations for any shelf, table or fireplace around the home, and they’re also very easy to make, meaning you can get the kids involved too!

Pinecones are a natural seed pod which can be found on the ground just about anywhere pine trees are growing, but if you can’t seem to find any mini pinecones, full-sized will work fine as well. Follow the online DIY tutorial to make these little elves yourself at home.

PRO TIP – To make these little guys even more eco-friendly, opt to use leftover material offcuts or upcycle some old clothing materials for their outfit instead of buying new from your local craft store.

4. Natural Christmas decorations

Credit: sweetpaulmag.com

Scandi-inspired decor is always on-trend, and these organic hand-made decorations are no exception. They can be made out of just about any materials found lying around the house and garden, with a little bit of cutting skills and some string. Use them to adorn the tree, hang them from the walls or even use them as decorative tags on gifts. There’s no end to the possibilities for these cute hand-crafted decorations!

Find the full tutorial for these here, and have fun!

Looking for Part 2?

You can read Part 2 of this blog by clicking here.

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