My Number 1 Rule of the Laundry

When I first started at Tri Nature and started using our Alpha Plus Laundry Powder I was amazed by the amount of sludgy grime that began to pour out of the back of my machine! I wondered how long that had all been stuck in there for and was surprised that my machine was still chugging along considering what I had allowed my machine endure.

When I got back to the office and told all the girls about my experience, they grinned and said “That is the MAGIC of Tri Nature!” They informed me that this was due to the cheap supermarket laundry powders I had been using (full of fillers and extenders) which were “clogging up” my machine. Over time, this causes a build-up of grime in hard-to-reach areas of your machine which can end up on your clothes or ruining your washing machine.

I would like to share with you the Number 1 Rule of the Laundry that the girls in the office shared with me…. #payitforward :

Before you make the change to Tri Nature Alpha Plus Laundry Powder ensure you do a deep clean of your machines with the Maxim Machine Descaler.

The girls in the office call it the “Gentle Powerhouse”. Pour 50mls into the floor of your machine and run an empty hot cycle and Wallah!! Due to the highly concentrated cleaning action of our Alpha Plus Laundry Powders, the product naturally maintains your machine fairly clean, but a deep machine descale is necessary now and again.

We recommend every 3 months as a guide (but more often if you wash a lot!)

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