The Most Forgotten Health Hazard in our Homes

When we think about keeping a healthy home, our first thoughts are generally frequently used areas like toilets, showers, kitchen benches and floors, but the most overlooked areas in the home are our walls.

Keeping our walls clean is paramount to maintaining good air quality in our homes. Letting grime build up on our walls promotes mould growth, which can inflame our airways and in more extreme cases, promote respiratory conditions like asthma.

As much as we think walls don’t really get dirty, they actually get just as contaminated as many other surfaces in our home – especially if there are children or pets in the home. Oils from our skin, dead skin cells, dirt, and mould spores are the most common contaminants that reside on our walls, many of which may be hard to see.

Whilst spot-cleaning visibly dirty areas or scuff marks is a suitable quick solution, to maintain a hygienic household we need to give our walls a routine wash-down.

So how do we remove marks & bacteria from walls without damaging the paintwork?

The quickest & easiest way is to use a sponge mop. With the sponge pad being long and flat, it is the perfect tool to clean the flat surface of a wall and it provides good coverage to minimise your cleaning time.

The best product you can use on your walls is Tri Nature’s Supre Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This natural yet effective product will easily lift dirt & grime without harming the paintwork. Simply add 20mls of Supre Concentrate per 1lt of warm water into a bucket. Make sure you give the mop a good squeeze-out each time before cleaning so that you don’t end up with water dripping down your wall and all over the floors. The best part? There’s no need to dry the walls afterwards. Within minutes, your walls should be air-dry and back to looking bright and fresh again. It’s really that easy.

To help maintain optimal home hygiene, the Department of Health recommends washing your walls once every month.

Pro Tip – To preserve the quality of your paintwork, be sure to use a soft sponge pad only. Use of abrasives or vigorous scrubbing will wear the paintwork.

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