Calming Baby Massage

Touch is a powerful sense and through massage it can help to build social and emotional connections as well as providing physiological benefits. Studies have shown that baby massage is a great way to nurture the bond with your baby and relax. It has even been reported to improve sleep quality which is always good.

We share our top tips to ensure a calming massage experience.

Be Calm

Take a deep breath.  To get the best results from baby massage both you and your baby should be calm. Try again later if your baby is already upset or if they become upset during the massage. Many parents like to incorporate baby massage in their little one’s bedtime routine or after their bath when they are already calm (and undressed). You can also massage your baby after their nap. It is not recommended to massage your baby immediately after feeding.

Set the Scene

A warm room will ensure that your baby is comfortable during the massage. If the room is too cool your bub may become distressed. Playing some soft music is another way to set up a calming environment for your massage.

Remove distractions (like phones) from the room as you want uninterrupted time to build that bond with your baby. Also, remove any sharp jewellery or watches before beginning the massage.

Getting started

Place your baby onto a soft towel or blanket and undress them leaving them just in their nappy. Use a small amount of a nut free baby massage oil like Tri Nature’s Little Ones Baby Massage Oil. Place the oil into your hands to warm it rather than directly onto your baby.


There are many websites and courses with different techniques for baby massage and it can become overwhelming. You don’t need to be some sort of massage guru to massage your baby. We suggest the simple pictorial guide from the Raising Children’s Network to get you started, ensuring that strokes are gentle but firm, and not ticklish.

During the massage sing or speak softly to your baby to assure them that this experience is a positive and happy one. Once the massage is done, gently wipe away any excess massage oil and redress your calm and relaxed baby!

Did you know?

Tri Nature’s Little Ones Baby Massage Oil is also great for massaging over the stretching skin of your baby bump during pregnancy.

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