Can you Remove Wax and Pesticides from Fruits & Vegetables?

Can you Remove Wax and Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables? I have the answer!

Even though I buy my produce from the local growers’ market, I like to have peace of mind that wax and pesticides have no place on what I ingest and that pesticides haven’t blown over in the breeze from nearby non-organic farms. I know many people like to wash their produce with vinegar, but from my experience often the most heavily sprayed fruits have the most delicate skins. Testing vinegar myself, I have found it to impact my produce making it discolour, wilt, and affect the taste!

However, after expressing my dilemma in the office at Tri Nature HQ, much to my surprise I was advised that the plant-based Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid can also be used as a Fruit and Veggie Wash! Our team in the lab advised that this plant-based formula is ideal for removing wax and pesticides. The gentle coconut-derived surfactants, mild pH, and toxin-free formula make it a gentle, safe, and effective solution to ensure all your produce is wax and pesticide-free!

I gave it a try and there is no looking back for me; I highly recommend this product! I now call this my golden elixir of plant-based goodness!

What is the best way to wash your fruits and vegetables?

It is so simple! Use 1ml of Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid & Fruit and Veggie Wash with a sink or bowl of water. Place your produce in the sink or bowl give a quick rub or scrub with a soft brush and remove. No need to rinse!

So there you have it! Apart from being super gentle on my dermatitis-prone hands and leaving my dishes sparkling, it solves all my fruit and veggie needs. One less thing I have to worry about! Ensure if you’re not already on the Chamomile bandwagon – you get on it today! Tri Nature also offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – so if you’re not happy, they’re not happy! Win, Win!

Check out this video where Leah talks about her top tips for fruit and veggie washing:

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