Cleaning Fads to Avoid

Engaging with social media can lead to getting swept up in various cleaning trends, but they aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.

Seeing the satisfying transformations of a beautifully organised kitchen may prompt the thought: “I should try these cleaning hacks too!” However, it’s crucial to recognise that not every touted cleaning hack is effective. While the desire to cultivate a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is valid, it’s essential to approach cleaning tips discerningly and acknowledge that not all hacks may deliver the results they promise on social.


Vinegar for everything

While vinegar is a versatile and natural cleaner, it is also an acid and can cause scratches and damage to some surfaces. Vinegar should be avoided on surfaces such as natural stone, hardwood floors, eggshell or metallic paints, cast iron, electronics, stone, and grout. Better to grab a multi-purpose spray instead.


Fabric softener sheets for dusting

Similarly, the suggestion of using fabric softener sheets for dusting may seem convenient due to their anti-static properties, but it comes with drawbacks. Over time, these sheets can leave a residue that may harm surfaces. Additionally, they have the potential to trigger allergies and contribute to environmental issues due to their single-use nature. Opting for more suitable and eco-friendly alternatives, like reusable microfiber cloths, is a wiser choice for effective and sustainable cleaning.


Eucalyptus leaves in the shower

Yes, this might look aesthetically pleasing (while the leaves are healthy) there isn’t much point hanging these leaves. Despite the hype, the actual amount of fragrance released may be minimal and short-lived. You’d be better off using essential oils and a diffuser instead.


DIY disinfectants

Don’t be misled by online information into assuming you’re a chemist. The formulation of effective disinfectants involves complex processes, particularly when addressing potentially dangerous pathogens. Better to stick to what has been tried and tested such as our disinfectant.


The misconception that one’s home should be consistently neat and orderly

Social media often excels at making us feel as though our lives are not well put together. It’s crucial to bear in mind that this content falls under the category of ‘Selective Presentation.’ What you’re witnessing is a carefully crafted glimpse into someone’s life, showcasing the content they wish to share with you. It’s important to focus on and celebrate your efforts in maintaining a living space that works for you. Mess isn’t always a bad thing, instead, it serves as evidence that a house is being lived in. It signifies that the daily rhythms of life are unfolding within those walls—children being fed, playing, and the vibrant activities that make a home a lively and cherished space.

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