Let’s talk about eco responsibility

Being eco-responsible is making choices that benefit (or at least minimises the harm to) our environment (and ourselves). It is choosing eco-friendly options and following practices that are sustainable and ethical to improve our environment.

There are many ways as individuals to make eco responsible choices in our daily lives including reducing and limiting waste, making eco-conscious purchases, and practicing eco-friendly behaviours.

We can start making eco-responsible choices in small ways such as remembering to take our reusable bags to the supermarket, riding a bike or walking to work, limiting food waste, using biodegradable products, refilling our water bottle, and avoiding fast fashion.

For businesses, being eco-responsible is about making choices that are sustainable, ethical and minimise the harm to not only our environment but to ourselves.
At Tri Nature we make eco-conscious choices every day from ingredient selection and sourcing, formulation, packaging and even how a product is shipped. For us, not using harsh, aggressive chemicals, pollutants and fillers in our product formulations and instead using naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients allowed us to create formulas that do not harm the environment. It also allowed us to develop formulas that are gentler and safer for our customers to use. These choices along with using recyclable packaging, offering concentrated formulas that help to reduce packaging waste and reduce transport emissions are just a few of the ways we demonstrate our eco-responsibility.

Gentle Chemistry

Tri Nature started making eco-responsible choices decades ago when our founders decided there must be a safer way for people to clean their homes that did not involve toxic chemicals and destroying the environment.

Following what we call our ‘Gentle Chemistry’ philosophy we have been able to create products using premium quality naturally derived, renewable, and biodegradable ingredients with low hazard profiles that not only have superior performance but have a low impact on the environment and are safe to use. We also avoid ingredients that are known environmental pollutants such as phosphate and nitrates and do not use filler ingredients to ensure our products are grey water safe.

Sustainability and Natural Materials

We are all aware of the world’s reliance on fossil fuels (petroleum and natural gas) and the petrochemicals created from them but not only are these materials from a non-renewable and finite source they often cause significant environmental harm during their production and use. It is almost impossible to eliminate these materials from our lives entirely but moving away from and reducing our reliance on these materials is a big step towards eco-responsibility.
From essential oils to plant-based cleansing agents, Tri Nature loves using gentle naturally derived plant-based materials in our products. Whilst using renewable naturally derived materials can be a great way to reduce environmental harm, they must be sourced in a way that is not harmful to the environment and can be done sustainably.

Cotton and Palm Oil are both examples of natural materials that if sourced from suppliers that are ethical and eco responsible are great but if they are not the damage to the environment can be significant. Tri Nature does not use palm oil directly but a few of our ingredients may be derived from palm oil and we ensure that these ingredients are responsibly sourced from suppliers who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Tri Nature is committed to sustainability, and you can read our sustainability statement here.

Waste Reduction and Transport

Reducing waste and limiting the impact of transport is an important part of eco-responsibility for both individuals and businesses.
Tri Nature works towards this by offering our liquid products as concentrates and our powder products without fillers so that we can reduce the transport of unnecessary ingredients, subsequently reducing the impact of transport emissions. This also has the benefit of reducing the amount packaging used. We also ensure that our packaging can be recycled so that it does not end up in landfill.

Our local manufacturing facility, right here in Newcastle, NSW also allows us to provide our valued customers quality Australian made products and reduces the environmental impact of transporting products manufactured overseas.

As a business, Tri Nature has always and will continue to make eco-responsible choices and we hope that we can help you on your eco-responsible journey.

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