From the Lab: The Gentle Chemistry Approach

Since our launch with a small range of laundry and cleaning products almost 30 years ago, Tri Nature has followed the gentle chemistry philosophy when developing products.

Gentle Chemistry is our commitment to using premium quality naturally derived, renewable and biodegradable ingredients with low hazard profiles to create products that not only have superior performance but have a low impact on the environment and are safe to use.

The gentle chemistry philosophy evolved from realising there was a need in the marketplace for consumers to find safer cleaning products, at a time when the only products available contained toxic ingredients, hydrocarbon solvents, strong caustics and phosphates. Although nobody doubted the cleaning efficacy of these aggressive chemicals, the hazards to the user and the environment were unacceptable. With a need to solve this issue and create superior products, our gentle chemistry philosophy was born.

We have continued to follow this gentle chemistry approach in developing our eco-responsible product range, which now includes a complete range of gentle cleaning and personal care products.

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