How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

During the hot summer months many of us find ourselves gravitating towards outdoor living, trading in the stuffy indoor living space for the patio and the cooler evening breeze. It can be very easy to forget about the outdoor lounges and dining settings during the regular household cleaning schedule, but without maintenance outdoor furniture can break down faster over time, mostly due to exposure to the weather and other environmental elements.

To maintain your outdoor furniture, it’s recommended to clean it around four times per year; once before summer, once after and twice more in between. Below we’ve outlined some tips and tricks for cleaning different types of outdoor furniture and what products would work best for each job.

Timber & Wicker outdoor furniture

For cleaning and proper maintenance of timber and wicker outdoor furniture, a mild detergent such as Tri Nature’s natural Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid is the perfect tool for the job. Simply use one pump of liquid in a sink or bucket of hot or warm water, then gently clean away with a cloth.

Outdoor timber furniture should also be re-oiled or re-sealed periodically in order to maintain its natural lustre and extend its life for as long as possible.

Metal and Aluminium outdoor furniture

Oxidation is the most common cause of breakdown in metal-based outdoor chairs and tables. Most common cleaning products contain harsh chemicals such as Ammonia and Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), which contribute to this oxidation.

Tri Nature’s Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid is ideal for use on your metal and aluminum outdoor dining setting. Its gentle formula contains no hydrocarbon solvents, phosphates, nitrates or ammonia, helping to reduce oxidation in metal outdoor furniture.

To combat rust, a more heavy duty approach may be necessary. Outdoor furniture should always be stored in a dry covered area when not in use to help avoid problems such as rusting or breakdown from exposure to the elements.

Glass outdoor benches and dining tables

Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools such as scrubbing brushes or scourer pads to prevent scratches on glass surfaces.

For mess created by food or drink spillages, Tri Nature’s plant based Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid is perfect. It’s cutting edge formula cuts through tough grease, whilst still being gentle enough to avoid damage to glass surfaces.

For general maintenance and touch-ups of glass outdoor furniture, Tri Nature’s Hyaline Glass Cleaner will penetrate and remove grime such as soils, sticky residues and dust, then leave a unique polished effect on glass surfaces.

Plastic and hard resin outdoor furniture

When it comes to plastic and resin-based outdoor furniture, harsh chemicals are the enemy, as they can eat away at the material. A mild cleaning product such as Tri Nature’s plant based Supre Multi Purpose Cleaner is perfect, as it doesn’t contain any nasty and potentially damaging chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. Simply spray over the surface and then wipe clean with a wet cloth.

With these tips we hope you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come, however, the above recommendations are for guidance only and may not be suitable for your specific outdoor settings. You should always refer to the recommended cleaning and care instructions that were provided with your outdoor furniture for more information. Happy summer!

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