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Ingredients We Avoid: Phosphates

Here at Tri Nature we avoided using phosphates (and nitrates) in our products long before it was popular. Find out why…..

Phosphorous and nitrogen are naturally occurring nutrients that support the growth of algae and plants in aquatic ecosystems. When excess phosphorous and nitrogen are introduced (generally in the form of phosphates and nitrates) it triggers a growth cycle in which algae and plants grow faster than the ecosystems can handle. This process (known as eutrophication) decreases the oxygen in the water that fish and other aquatic organisms need to survive. Algal blooms can also be harmful to humans.

The main sources of phosphorous and nitrogen pollution (often called nutrient pollution) are from agriculture and waste water. Phosphates such as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) are commonly used in detergent products to improve cleaning performance and contribute to this type of pollution.

We have been doing our part to reduce the impact of detergents on the environment by never using these ingredients in our products.

Check out our range of laundry and cleaning products that are all proudly phosphate-free.


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