Is Tri Nature Environmentally Friendly?

Many years ago when we created Tri Nature, answering the question ‘Are we an environmentally friendly company?’ was at the front of our mind. Our answer was ‘Yes’.

However, it didn’t feel quite right to just leave it at that, and over the years we needed to establish how we were environmentally friendly in an industry and market that is rife with greenwashing, hyperbole, and creative license. We have previously spoken about what the differences are between eco-friendly, sustainable and green, and so we thought we’d further explain the fundamental values, processes, and actions that secure our place on this spectrum of terms.

Tri Nature’s journey to be environmentally friendly…

Focus on formulas

Our most focussed area for environmental consideration (and consideration for the health and wellbeing of our customers) are our carefully crafted formulas. Our formulas include naturally derived materials that are remarkably effective and rival even the harshest chemical products in the market.

Following what we call our ‘Gentle Chemistry’ philosophy we have been able to create products using premium quality naturally derived, renewable, and biodegradable ingredients with low hazard profiles that not only have superior performance but have a low impact on the environment and are safe to use. We also avoid ingredients that are known environmental pollutants such as phosphate and nitrates and do not use filler ingredients to ensure our products are grey water safe.

Our gentle chemistry philosophy is a big factor in our dedication to being friendly to the environment and we do it without sacrificing quality. Read more about it here (link to blog).

Big picture sustainability practices

Very often, brands that align themselves with being environmentally friendly can feel like they need to tick the boxes of the commonly considered practices that are ‘environmentally friendly’. However, it has always been and is our intention to respect the big picture of sustainability along with being environmentally friendly, by focusing on practices that ensured a high quality product to support our customers making a long-term green switch.

With that, we opted to offer concentrates and bulk purchase options to help minimise the packaging waste problems, and also ensure that our packaging can be recycled. We have chosen to offer recyclable packaging rather than reusable packaging to ensure high product quality. For our natural products to retain their integrity and preservation, we would need to conduct a highly involved and energy-consuming process to adequately rejuvenate packaging for reuse, making any efforts to minimise environmental footprint redundantly. By using concentrates and bulk purchase options our customers can utilise one product for up to a year! Rather than purchasing monthly on other products.

When sourcing our ingredients we look for naturally derived, biodegradable, plant-based, and renewable ingredients to ensure that we are minimising our impact on the environment and ensuring a sustainable future.

Our local manufacturing facility, right here in Newcastle, NSW allows us to provide our valued customers with quality Australian-made products and reduces the environmental impact of transporting products manufactured overseas.

Every business decision is an environmentally-based decision

Tri Nature is only as successful as our protection of the ‘nature’ part of our name. Every decision we make about Tri Nature as a business (from where and how we manufacture, market, and distribute, to the final products in our range) is embedded with an ‘environment first’ goal. We not only offer extremely effective products but also a transparent conversation with customers that gives sound, fact-based peace of mind.

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