Is Your Vacuum Affecting the Air Quality in Your Home?

When you consider all of the soils that enter our vacuum cleaners during use (dirt, dust, dead skin cells, insect faeces, pet hair, etc.) it’s really no wonder that they can get a bit smelly!

While a lot of the dust and hair passes through to the collection bin, there are plenty of contaminants that get left behind in the filter. This build-up is what causes that less than pleasant odour and it can also decrease the suction power of your machine as well.

Every time you vacuum, the machine fills your home with its expelled air. This is why it is so important to keep your machine filters clean. By routinely removing your filters and either soaking them, or doing a ‘spray and scrub’ with your favourite Tri Nature Disinfectant, you will not only keep your vacuum performing at its ‘like new’ best, but it will fill your home with a natural clean aroma each time you vacuum too.

So how often should you clean your vacuum filter?

On average, you should aim to give your filters a quick clean every 1-2 months (depending on how frequently you vacuum). Click here to find a Disinfectant fragrance to suit your home…

Pro Tip

For stubborn pet hair that your vacuum cannot lift, put a rubber dishwashing glove on your hand and brush over the affected area with it. Pet hair will stick and instantly lift. You’re welcome!

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