Our Top 5 Tips for Keeping Nasty Cold and Flu Germs at Bay

The combination of heading back to school and the transition into colder weather can create an influx of coughs, sniffles, colds, and the flu. If you’re anything like me, this is probably the time of year that you struggle the most with trying to keep your kids healthy and keep those nasty cold and flu germs at bay.

Whether you’re just being proactive and trying to avoid cold germs from entering your home, or if you’re trying to prevent a household member from sharing their cold with the rest of the family, there are some simple tips you can follow to help combat the spread:

1. Raise your child’s awareness of germs and how they can spread

After touching surfaces you should avoid touching your face. Rubbing your nose, eyes, or around your mouth can bring germs closer to your mucus membranes, potentially leading to infection and illness.

Teaching your kids to be aware of how germs can be transmitted early on will help them form good habits that will stay with them for life.

2. Model good hand-washing habits

We all know that our hands are one of the worst offenders for picking up nasty germs from external surfaces, so proper hand washing becomes essential, especially during cold & flu season.

Washing your hands properly can be all too time-consuming for energy-filled kids, however, if they grow up watching their parents or carers continually demonstrating and encouraging good hand-washing behaviour, it will become their normal daily routine as well.

As an added bonus, teach your kids to use high-quality hand sanitiser whilst they’re out and about as well. This way they’ll be covered, no matter where they are!

3. Make hand washing fun

This is particularly effective for creating good habits in young children. Singing a song whilst washing hands can teach them the correct amount of time to lather before rinsing, and it can also help them to remember to get into all those little crevices like under fingernails and between fingers as well.

As an added bonus, you could also make up some fun little signs at the basin with their favourite character on them reminding them to wash their hands.

4. Establish healthy lifestyle habits

The whole family will benefit from a healthy routine, and the earlier you begin to introduce healthier habits into your children’s routine, the better off they’ll be in the long run.

Keeping up a healthy routine of adequate sleep, a healthy diet loaded with fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, and a good dose of exercise will not only help your kids grow up with good habits, but it will also ensure that their immune system stays in top infection-fighting condition too.

5. Keep a hygienic home

Routine cleaning and disinfection of the regular “touch points” around your home, such as fridge handles, cupboard pulls, benchtops, taps, light switches, toilet buttons, etc. will help to minimise the risk of any potential spread of unwanted germs and bacteria.

Remember: When encouraging good hand hygiene, it’s imperative that you choose a high-quality hand wash to ensure good dermal hand health. To help prevent potential skin dryness and irritation, look for a soap-free hand wash that contains skin conditioning emollients and Vitamin E, like Tri Nature’s Hand Wash range.

By following these 5 simple practices, you can help stop the spread of nasty cold & flu germs this autumn and winter season.

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