Plastic Free July

The middle of the year is fast approaching, take a moment to pause and think about ways we can contribute to improving the environment.

One of the biggest struggles for our environment right now is the waste and pollution caused by single use plastics. Coming out of a pandemic era where single use plastic was prevalent, we need to stop and look at what small changes we can make in our own lives to help fix this problem.

One of the ways we can do this is by taking part in Plastic Free July. Plastic Free July is a global movement that sees millions of people make changes to their lifestyle to reduce plastic pollution by avoiding and reducing their reliance on single use plastics.

Here are some great tips to reduce single use plastics in your life.

Buying Bulk and Concentrates

Buying items in bulk or in a concentrated form is often a good way to reduce single use plastics. At Tri Nature we offer both bulk refill products and concentrated products which help our customers reduce their plastic usage.

Tri Nature’s disinfectant concentrates are a great example of reducing plastic. A single 1 Litre bottle of disinfectant concentrate can make up to 40 x 500 ml bottles of disinfectant. Not only will you be reducing your single use plastic usage you will also be saving money.


Reusable Bags

With several major retailers about to phase out the use of all plastic bags in their supermarkets and department stores, it is getting a lot easier to avoid plastic bags. Whilst paper bags are a bit better for the environment it is still better to take your reusable bags.

We can’t really help you remember to bring the bags with you into the store but do suggest leaving them by the front door or in your car. It is a great idea to pop a small bag that folds up into your handbag or pocket for those times you are not expecting to need a bag.

You can shop Tri Nature’s reusable bags here.


Coffee Cups

We are all guilty on occasion of grabbing a quick coffee in a disposable cup on the way to work but this July the team at Tri Nature are pledging to remember to bring their reusable coffee cups when they get take away coffees.

Remembering to bring your reusable coffee cup helps to eliminate plastic waste generated from plastic lined disposable cups. Even the disposable coffee cups that are purported to be compostable often end up in the general waste as they generally need to be composted in a commercial composter.

If you have time, stop, and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time as you enjoy your coffee at the café using their reusable cups.


Water Bottles

As a society, we are getting better at ditching the single use plastic water bottles. Reusable bottles have become quite fashionable but there are still times when we forget our bottle and need to buy water in a single use bottle.

We suggest keeping a bottle on your desk at work and one in your bag so that your bottle is always close at hand. Not only will remembering your water bottle help save the planet it will ensure that you get enough water throughout the day leaving your skin hydrated and glowing.


Plastic straws

Depending on where you live the use of single use plastic straws may have already been banned but if they are still available it is easy to say no to plastic straws when you purchase a drink. If you are a straw fanatic or need one for medical reasons, grab a reusable stainless steel or silicone straw and pop it in your bag.


Buying Plastic Free

Buying less single use plastic can be as simple as choosing the loose fruit and vegetables at the supermarket rather than the pre-packaged versions. By doing this you can see what you are buying (no rotten apple lurking down the bottom), and it allows you to buy only the amount you need. Reusable produce bags are a great way to keep your fruit and vegetables together.

You can also reduce the amount of single use plastic by avoiding pre-packaged meat, seafood, and even bakery items. Whilst this is easier to do at the local bakeries and butchers some of the supermarkets do offer sections where you can purchase items that have not been pre-packaged.

This July, try and reduce your reliance on takeaway food. Lots of takeaway food is supplied in plastic containers which are usually disposed of in the general waste. Why not try some winter warmer recipes in the slow cooker? Make a double batch so that you can freeze the leftovers for when you are busy or feeling unmotivated.


Recycle Plastics

Where you absolutely can’t get away from single use plastics make sure that the ones that you do use are recycled correctly so that they don’t end up in landfill. Most councils offer household recycling bins, and some are now starting to offer soft plastic recycling.

We hope our tips will help you in reducing your reliance on single use plastics throughout July and beyond.

Happy Plastic Free July!

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