Product in Focus – Ammonia Free Window & Glass Cleaner

Want to learn why you should be using our Hyaline Window & Glass Cleaner and why it is so special? At Tri Nature, we are proud to say that we have formulated a naturally derived window and glass cleaner that is not only the best choice for your health but also for the environment.

We have removed ammonia and hydrocarbon solvents (common in mainstream glass and window cleaners) which we have found to be unsustainable and irritating to humans when breathed in – especially for those who suffer from allergies and skin conditions. We have replaced them with superpower plant based ingredients and the results have been remarkable! There is no need to use nasty, harmful chemicals when these results can be achieved with plant based products which pose no threat to our health and the environment.

We feel so content to know our customers can have peace of mind when using this product as they are making the safest and healthiest choice for their loved ones including children and pets.

And, the benefits don’t stop there…

It wouldn’t be a Tri Nature product if it didn’t have a bonus magic function now, would it?

Not only does this product create a crystal clear sparkle on your windows and glass surfaces, but also inhibits misting and fogging (A god-send for your steamy kitchen and bathroom windows). It also helps to reduce finger marks and re-soiling which is fantastic for helping reduce the fingerprints of little children and smear marks from nosey pets peering through the window.

As with all our eco friendly products here at Tri Nature, our Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner is extremely versatile. Even though each Tri Nature product has been formulated to achieve the optimum results on a particular surface, we are always swapping stories about what Tri Nature products work best for different situations and are always surprised by how adaptable they can be.

Aside from glass and windows, any sound GLOSS surfaces can all be shined to a flawless finish with Hyaline Window & Glass Cleaner in a matter of seconds!

I have been so surprised at the fantastic results I have achieved from my Ammonia-Free Glass & Window Cleaner on all the different surfaces I have used it on.

I would like to share with you the following extra uses for Hyaline Window & Glass Cleaner which has allowed me to make the most out of this wonderful eco friendly plant based product:

  1. Vehicle Windscreen Reservoirs – Simply add 6mL per 1L of water and see the results shine.
  2. Gloss Laminates
  3. 2 pac Coatings
  4. Ceramic Gloss Tiles
  5. Engineered Stone Benchtops

We offer this product in a ready-to-use and concentrated formula. I would personally recommend the concentrated formula to mix up yourself in a spray bottle. The Complete Spray Bottle is fantastic due to the misting function of the nozzle which allows a perfect application every time.

We also offer this product in bulk sizes to deliver value for money, reduce plastic use and reduce landfill potential. Suitable in both a domestic and commercial setting. Go green in your home, workplace or business.

As always if you’re not happy, we aren’t happy and so that’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

So now you all know my little secret to making my house look flawless in those few minutes when visitors are on their way! Please share any feedback with us on our Facebook Page.

Happy Cleaning!

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