Product in Focus: Sanazone and Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant Sprays

Here at Tri Nature HQ, we’re proud to offer products that achieve outstanding results without using nasty chemicals which can be harmful for you and the natural environment. Two of our most powerful and effective products are our Sanazone Lemon Myrtle & Odourless and Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant Sprays.

Not only do these powerhouse products clean and disinfect a wide range of different surfaces around the home but they also kill 99.9% of bacteria, making them a must-have in the home.

Besides being versatile, these naturally derived products have so many hidden benefits that you might not be aware of. Today, we wanted to share these with you.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Biodegradable, Plant based surfactants and actives. Harmful ingredients such as phosphates and zeolites found in mainstream products are replaced with plant and mineral based ingredients.
  • Disinfection: Provides gentle yet powerful disinfection and cleaning for the entire home.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Food safe: Sanazone Odourless is a food safe, naturally derived product.
  • Multi-use: Ideal for chopping boards, kitchen benches, sinks, fridges, and freezers.
  • Versatility: This versatile product is suitable for home use for those with allergies and is perfect for food preparation areas.
  • Home & Commercial use: Suitable for professional use in a wide variety of commercial settings.
  • Concentrated refill sizes: A little goes a long way, meaning these products last longer and offer exceptional value for money. We also offer these products in bulk and refill sizes.
  • Fresh Scents: Boosted with a synergistic blend of natural extracts, known for their potent, antimicrobial benefits. These products are available in Lemon Myrtle, Spearmint & Musk (Sphagnum Moss) and also an Odourless option for those who may not want lingering fragrances.
  • Deodorising: Special deodorising molecules absorb nasty lingering odours without leaving any residue behind. Both products contain an essential oil based fragrance of bergamot extract lemon thyme, which leaves a delightful citrus scent behind.
  • Safe around children and pets: This is a safe, naturally derived disinfectant. No nasty chemicals.
  • Grey water friendly
  • Cruelty Free: We do not test our products on animals under any circumstances.
  • 100% Australian made and owned: Manufactured on site in Newcastle, NSW.
  • 30-day Money back Guarantee: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! We trust you will love our products 100%.

Katrina McGee, one of Tri Nature’s many happy customers, wrote this about our Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant:

“I have been using Tri Nature for several years now. Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant is a handy thing to have sitting around at home. I have used it to clean the counter, the table, and even the stove top with no hassles. And yes, it really is odourless which makes it great if you have any sensitivity to the smell of other cleaners.”

And Jemma Booth wrote:

“I LOVE their disinfectant. Bonus is the spearmint smell – my favourite!”

Fay Brady also wrote:

“I have used Tri Nature for many years and it is brilliant. The Sphagnum Moss, what a great smell! Used this for killing nasty germs, great for spraying on door handles and knobs and spraying in the air for a beautiful scent.”

Additionally, you can purchase our Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant as part of our Green Kitchen Starter Set, which is a collection of Australia’s best eco friendly kitchen cleaning essentials.

If you have any feedback of your own, feel free to send it via email to [email protected], or leave a review on our Facebook Page.

Happy cleaning!

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