Re-introducing Tri Nature’s Deodorants & Antiperspirants

New Look – Same Gentle Formula

If you have been missing our deodorants and anti-perspirants, the wait is over – they are back with a new look and a new name, but don’t worry we have kept the same gentle plant-based formulas you know and love. Along with a fresh new look we decided to highlight to the essential oil-based fragrances used in our deodorants and antiperspirants and the new names reflect this.


Desert Rose & Marigold Deodorantformerly Harmony

Saltbush and Basil Deodorantformerly Intensity

Paper Daisy and Bergamot Antiperspirantformerly Aurora

Mandarin and Cardamon Antiperspirant formerly Balance

If you haven’t tried Tri Nature’s Deodorants and Antiperspirants or if you love them and just want to find out more about them read on….

What is the difference between a Deodorant and an Antiperspirant?

A deodorant is a product that controls odour by inhibiting odour causing bacteria and by masking odours with a fragrance. An antiperspirant is a product that functions to stop perspiration by plugging the pores usually with an aluminium salt. An antiperspirant is often combined with a deodorant to control odour, but its main purpose is stopping perspiration from occurring in the first place.

Deodorants are often preferred by those who are not concerned about sweating and have more relaxed lifestyles whereas antiperspirants are ideal for those with active lifestyles who wish to control perspiration. Ultimately the choice is a personal one and you can rest assured that the Tri Nature deodorants and antiperspirants have got you covered no matter your preference.

Deodorants (Alcohol-Free and Aluminium-Free)

Desert Rose & Marigold Deodorant (formerly Harmony) and Saltbush and Basil Deodorant (formerly Intensity).

Tri Nature’s gentle, alcohol-free deodorants deliver effective protection against odour and are suitable for the whole family. Enriched with skin nourishing emollients based on olive oil and coconuts and conditioning vitamins, they are a great choice for sensitive skin.

Infused with gentle essential oil-based aromas, the gentle plant-based and aluminium-free formula is boosted with Horsetail and Sage plant extracts to offer exceptional protection from odour. The extract of the Horsetail plant has astringent properties and helps to tighten pores and reduce perspiration and Sage oil has antibacterial properties that help to inhibit body odours. These odour fighting extracts are used in combination with a soy based deodorising agent to help protect against unpleasant odours.

Antiperspirants (Alcohol Free)

Paper Daisy and Bergamot Antiperspirant (formerly Aurora) and Mandarin and Cardamon Antiperspirant (formerly Balance).

Tri Nature’s antiperspirants are gentle and highly effective antiperspirants with exceptional protection from perspiration and odour for those with active lifestyles.

The low aluminium formula is fortified with extracts of Horsetail and Sage providing gentle yet effective protection. The synergistic combination of Aluminium Zirconium Salts, with the astringent properties of Horsetail Extract and the antibacterial properties of Sage extract, allows for the level of aluminium to be less than half of traditional deodorants and still provide excellent protection.

The alcohol-free formula is gentle on the skin and rich in skin nourishing emollients derived from olive oil and coconuts and conditioning vitamins. With uplifting essential oil-based fragrances, it is a superior alternative for those with active lifestyles.

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