Spring Cleaning: A Quick Guide for the Eco-Conscious

For this reason, I’ve compiled this quick guide to Spring Cleaning for the eco-conscious, which features Tri Nature’s highly effective eco-cleaning products.

This guide will help you effectively clean your entire home quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, free from guilt, but if you’d like a more in-depth guide, check out this one we prepared earlier.

So are you ready to crush it? Get out those ear pods, put on your favourite tunes, and let’s do this!

1. Dusting

With the house being closed up during winter, dust and other contaminants tend to build up over time. I recommend dusting your surfaces, blinds, and ceiling fans before you do anything else. That way when you come around to vacuuming you won’t have to worry about accidentally re-contaminating your nice clean floors.

2. Hard surfaces, walls and doors

This job may seem daunting at first, but if you tackle one room at a time it won’t feel like such a huge task anymore.

My absolute favourite eco-friendly cleaning product for hard surfaces is without a doubt Tri Nature’s Supre Multipurpose Cleaner. This highly effective powerhouse cleaner wipes away greasy contaminations and grime build-up quickly and easily, and the best part is that it leaves behind no toxic residues.

3. Windows, glass, and mirrors

Remove grimy marks, mould, and build-up from glass, windows, and mirrors quickly and easily using Tri Nature’s Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner, which is also available in an economical and plastic-reducing Concentrate option.

The unique anti-fogging technology in this highly effective eco-cleaning product will even help prevent future marking on glass surfaces. Amazing!

4. The dreaded bathroom…

Did you know that Tri Nature has one eco-cleaning product that will take care of this entire room, including the toilet? This highly versatile product is called Excel Bathroom Cleaner, and it effectively breaks down oil, soap residues, fungus, water stains, and hard water scale with no hard scrubbing required. Excel also sanitises as it cleans to neutralise bacteria and eliminate odours at their source.

5. Stainless steel sinks, basins and tapware

The best eco-cleaning product for these tough jobs is undoubtedly Tri Nature’s Ultra Cream Cleanser. This highly effective cream cleanser contains soft mineral spheres that gently and effectively lift away contaminations without damaging surfaces, leaving your basins and tapware looking new and smelling amazing.

6. The fridge and other food preparation areas

Nothing is better for food areas than Tri Nature’s Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant. The reason it’s so great for these areas is because it kills 99.9% of germs and is also boosted with a synergistic blend of Oregano, Rosemary, and Thyme extracts; known for their potent, antimicrobial benefits.

7. The oven

Now you may think that this task is the worst one of all, but I’ve got news for you; with Tri Nature’s highly effective Blitz Oven & BBQ Cleaner it’s actually a breeze. In fact, Blitz is one of the most efficient natural cleaning products on the market for your oven and BBQ.

This amazing eco-cleaner is a safe way to completely clean away those awful baked-on messes that you’ve been putting off, and the best part is that it’s so simple to use.

8. Linens and throws

Change your bedding and throw it into the washing machine with Tri Nature’s Alpha Plus Gentle Laundry Wash. This gentle and highly effective eco laundry wash will remove stains and add conditioning back to your wool and linens without any harsh chemicals or fragrances.

This product is especially great for those who suffer from sensitive skin, as it has a light, herbal essential oil-based fragrance. You can’t go wrong.

9. Carpets, rugs, and hard surface flooring

After vacuuming your carpets and rugs, tackle any nasty spot stains with Tri Nature’s eco-friendly and non-toxic Pro Care Carpet Cleaner.

This highly effective carpet cleaner will tackle just about any household carpet stain, including the tough ones like wine, blood, pen ink, tea, or coffee. Not only that, but Pro Care also contains special deodorising molecules which absorb lingering odours, and it also kills 99.9% of bacteria, completely sanitising your soft surfaces. Wow.

Got hard flooring instead? Tri Nature’s highly effective Optimate Floor Cleaner is the eco product for you. It will gently lift contaminations away to leave even the most delicate floors sparkling clean, without leaving any nasty streaks or residues behind.

10. Wood, vinyl and laminated surface polishing

Restore the furniture around your home with Tri Nature’s Heritage Furniture Polish.

This naturally derived product is great for use on timber furniture, natural wood, laminated surfaces, vinyl and leather, and it will even prevent future dirt from sticking after use.

11. Stainless steel surfaces and appliances

Stainless steel, though beautiful and stylish, can be a nightmare for smudges and fingerprints. That’s why we developed our Illumina Stainless Steel Polish, which not only effortlessly cleans away contaminants from your stainless steel surfaces, but also leaves a rich protective lustre that prevents further finger marks and soiling.

I absolutely swear by this product. You can see Illumina in action by watching this video.

12. And finally, descaling washing machines, kettles, and/or coffee machines

That’s it, we’re up to the very last step, you made it! Tri Nature’s eco-friendly Maxim Machine Descaler is the absolute powerhouse of the entire Tri Nature range, and I’ve left it until last because you’ve certainly earned yourself a cuppa if you’ve made it this far.

Use Maxim to completely clean and maintain your washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, and coffee machine.

Now that the cleaning is out of the way, it’s time to enjoy that clean healthy home feeling, so open up your windows to let the air flow through.

Once my spring clean is completed, I like to pop our Stress-Free Essential Oil Blend into my Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, sit down with a good book, and totally relax.

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