Spring Skincare
Check In

Spring is normally the time we think about spring cleaning our homes but it is also a great time to check in on your skin care routine. The winter weather is often very harsh on our skin, with cold windy days and indoor heating causing our skin to become dry and damaged. It is now the perfect time to leave winter skin behind and step out looking fresh faced for spring and summer.

A good start

Any good skin care routing starts with a great cleanser and we love the Kyphi Purifying Facial Cleanser as the first step in our skin care routine. Enriched with almond derived cleansers to gently remove impurities, this pH balanced botanical cleansing milk leaves the skin feeling soft, soothed and beautifully refreshed.

Follow your cleanser with a gentle mist of our Kyphi Refreshing Facial Toner boosted with soothing Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Nettle extract. This hydrating facial toner will leave the skin feeling calm, toned and refreshed. It is also ideal as a refreshing spritz throughout the day to rehydrate the skin from the stress of air-conditioning and other environmental elements.

Time to nourish

It doesn’t matter if it is day or night our skin needs to be moisturised to maintain a radiant appearance. We have you covered when it comes to nourishing face creams. Our Kyphi Nourishing Day Cream and Kyphi Intensive Night Cream are enriched with both hydrating and natural emollient ingredients for optimal moisturisation and will leave your skin looking radiant.

Most often the first signs of ageing are noticed around the eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes benefits from using a dedicated product. The Kyphi Radiant Eye Cream will help to refresh and brighten tired eyes and leave everybody wondering your age.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

With alarmingly high rates of skin cancer in Australia it is vital to include a quality high SPF sunscreen in your skin care routine. We recommend using your favourite sunscreen to stop those damaging rays from damaging your skin and causing premature ageing. Don’t forget the hat and sunglasses for even more protection.

If you do find yourself out in the sun, Kyphi Recovery Gel is ideal for your after sun care routine to help reduce moisture loss from the skin.

Clean your tools

Whether you wear make-up daily or just wear it on special occasions it is important to remember that your make-up brushes and tools should be regularly cleaned to keep them free from dust dirt and bacteria. We recommend cleaning your make up brushes weekly with a small amount of shampoo or our gentle Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid.

Run warm water over your brushes and massage a little shampoo or dishwashing liquid into your brushes to remove the make-up and rinse until the water runs clear. Then squeeze out the excess water, gently reshape the brush and lay them out to dry. Simple.


Drink water! Staying hydrated by regularly drinking water and eating a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables is essential for giving your skin a healthy glow. With the warmer weather on its way our bodies are losing more water so grab a drink bottle and start drinking your way to radiant skin.


The Tri Nature Kyphi Botanical Skincare range combines botanical extracts and natural emollients with essential oils to gently nourish your skin. The products are not tested on animals, contain no parabens and are vegan friendly.

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