The 4 Key Factors of Cleaning

We are often asked many questions regarding the cleaning process and what is the best way to clean to achieve the best results. How long should I leave the product before rinsing? Should I scrub? What temperature does it need to be?

How to ensure optimum results every time – The 4 Key Factors of the Cleaning Process.

Tri Nature Co-Founder Brian McLean has over 30 years of experience in the sustainable chemical manufacturing industry. Through his extensive experience and his knowledge second to none, he has developed the ultimate cleaning process. Brian has uncomplicated the process for us into a simple 4 Key Factor Cleaning Process that will work for all Tri Nature products! This is the best way to clean in all scenarios. It doesn’t matter whether it’s you’re oven, windows, shower, couch or floors – the same process applies!

Brian is ready to reveal this cleaning secret . . .

Once you understand these four elements and the distinct relationship between them, you will never look back. The results will speak for themselves.

Are you ready?

All cleaning processes consist of just 4 elements –

1. Mechanical Action – For example scrubbing or agitation. More is always better than less. In regards to a dishwasher or washing machine this is done through the force of the water through your machine.

2. Temperature – Hot is always better than cold. Apart from greater efficiency, higher temperatures increase the effectiveness of killing germs and bacteria.

3. Time – How long to leave the product on the surface or how long to soak. As a rule, a longer period of time is always better than a shorter period of time.

4. Efficiency of the cleaning product – This refers to the formulation and ingredients used specifically to achieve the results required. The higher the efficiency of the product being used, the less reliant we can be on the other three factors.

Now, all these factors work together to achieve the desired result and there is a distinct relationship between them. For example, if you increase the temperature of the water you may take less time to clean.

However, if we consider all the factors that go into all cleaning processes, we can come to this conclusion:

✖ We don’t want to rely on hard scrubbing.

✖ We don’t want to use hot water if we can avoid it.

✖ We don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning.


Even though Tri Nature products are naturally derived, they have been carefully formulated with plant-based superpower ingredients to have unrivaled efficiency.

Therefore, by using Tri Nature products you ensure you are . . .

✔ less reliant on hard scrubbing

✔ less reliant on hot water.

✔ will get normal cleaning jobs done faster.

To simplify it, consider below pie charts –

The 4 Key Factors

And this is what happens when the efficiency of the cleaning product is increased due to using Tri Nature products.

As you can see, the better the efficiency of the product the less you have to rely on other parts of the pie to achieve the same result.

Likewise, if you decide to reduce or eliminate any of the other factors, such as heat, from the process, the efficiency of the cleaning product is the most logical factor you can use to balance this part of the pie out.

That is why it is extremely important to use high quality cleaning products like Tri Nature’s range of green cleaning products which contain only the highest performance and quality ingredients with none of the unnecessary fillers and extenders prevalent in mainstream products.

All of the factors come into play in every cleaning process and it is about where you want the balance to lie.

At Tri Nature, we think that most people would choose this balance to lean strongly toward efficiency in the product used. All our products reflect that desire.

I hope this has helped you understand the cleaning process better and answered any of your questions. It really is quite simple!

If you have any further questions please contact us. We will happily update the page to make any part easier to understand or elaborate where required.

Also, please share your remarkable results (which we are sure you will achieve) with us on our Facebook Page or email them through to us at [email protected].

Happy Cleaning!

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