The top 5 cleaning products you need in your cupboard this holiday season

Christmas is right around the corner and that for most means family is coming over… You have either started to slowly clean up the house and get organised for the ‘big’ event or you will be running around the house the night before trying to get everything in order (we won’t tell you which one we are) …

Let’s look at some products that will make the prep and clean-up process easier and give you more time with family and friends during your Christmas break.

  1. Blitz Oven & BBQ Cleaner

    Nobody wants the taste of burnt food or harsh chemicals when you are eating your Christmas dinner. Our Blitz Oven & BBQ is one of our holy grail products. It is remarkably effective and friendly on your oven or BBQ, and any machinery where powerful cleaning is necessary.

  2. Supre Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    The perfect product to clean all your kitchen benches and other high-touch surfaces quickly and easily. We highly recommend our Supre Multi-Purpose Cleaner for a quick wipe over or to break through grease and grime to leave a brilliant clean and fresh fragrance.

  3. Optimate Floor Cleaner

    Who agrees that having a clean floor is one of the best feelings? It’s especially a great feeling when the product is clean and reliable. Our Optimate Floor Cleaner is a naturally derived floor cleaning concentrate that gently lifts contaminations to leave even the most delicate floors sparkling clean.

  4. Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner

    Have you been looking at your mirrors and windows thinking ‘Ahh – they need a good clean’ especially if you have little ones or pets? Well, you are in luck! Because you have stumbled upon the best eco-friendly glass and window cleaner on the market.

  5. Illumina Stainless Steel Polish

    Impress your guests with shiny appliances that will make your guests ask if the appliances are new! Our Illumina Stainless Steel Polish is simple to spread and easy to buff – making the cleaning process effortless.

So, there it is… 5 products that will make your home fresh and clean for the holiday season.

We hope you love these products just as much as we do. Find all your favourite Tri Nature cleaning products here.

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