Tri Nature's 30-day Money-back guarantee seal beside a tall green house plant

Under the microscope: The Satisfaction Guarantee

With the green movement very much in full swing, it is not surprising that we are seeing more and more green cleaning brands popping up around the country.

We believe that with time comes experience, with experience comes expertise, and with expertise comes satisfaction. That’s why we are proud of the fact that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Our guarantee means so much more than promising you a product that does what it says. It represents the credibility and experience of everyone involved in the production of that product. It confirms consistency in the product that you will receive each and every time. Most importantly, it promises that every part of that product aligns with Tri Nature’s philosophy and values.

Our manufacturing expertise enables us to stand behind our guarantee with pride and confidence. Confidence that our customers are going to receive the very best product this market has to offer, every time!

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X Leah

Marketing Manager

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