What are the best eco-friendly cleaning products?

There’s no denying the immense popularity and growing movement toward eco-friendly cleaning products over the past few years. We’re becoming more conscious about what we are using in our home and how the products we use can affect both the health of our families and the environment.

Overhauling your entire cleaning arsenal can feel a bit overwhelming and expensive, so it can help to make it a more gradual process. So, where to begin? Here are our suggestions for the best environmentally friendly cleaning products to begin your eco product swap, without losing the effectiveness and a sparkly clean home.


When deciding where to start, it’s a good idea to consider which products have the biggest impact on your life and on the earth. Laundry powder is a good example of that. For most of us doing the laundry seems like a never-ending task (especially if you have a large family) and it is an easy place to start making the change to eco-friendly products.

In Australia, we have a sophisticated sewerage system that ensures wastewater is treated at a plant (or in a septic system) and is not released directly into our streets, creeks, rivers, or oceans. To be able to be effectively treated at the treatment plant or in a septic system, the ingredients in our laundry detergents (and other cleaning products) need to be biodegradable. However, companies are not legally bound to ensure that their product is biodegradable; it is only voluntary, meaning there are still many products on the market that do not meet this requirement.

Phosphate is another ingredient that is often found in cheap supermarket laundry powders and is of particular concern as it can cause problems in our waterways such as algal blooms and eutrophication. Many laundry powders also contain fillers which are ingredients that are used to bulk up and improve the flow of the powder but these ingredients are not necessary and can even damage your washing machine and pipes by creating build-up and corrosion.

By swapping to an extremely effective, phosphate-free, biodegradable laundry detergent with gentle ingredients, you are able to enjoy multiple benefits with one single product change.

Try: Tri Nature’s Laundry Powder


The bathroom is the one area of the house that we do not want to compromise on the effectiveness of our cleaning products. While it’s not technically the dirtiest room in the house (surprisingly studies show it’s actually the kitchen!), it still contains a lot of areas and surfaces that need regular cleaning. It is also the area that is likely to contain cleaning products with harsh chemicals such as bleach and phosphoric acid, that are not only dangerous to use but also harmful to the environment. When we invest in bathroom cleaning products we are looking for products that will not fall short in effectiveness but this can be done without harming ourselves or the planet.

When you’re looking for a genuine high-quality bathroom cleaner, there are a few things you want to ensure:

  • It does not corrode or damage water pipes
  • It does not damage or stain surfaces
  • It doesn’t harm the environment – biodegradable and phosphate-free
  • It is easy to use and most of all – it works.

This was at the forefront of our minds when we created our Bathroom Cleaner. Without using harsh chemicals, we formulated our best-selling cleaner to be equally (sometimes even more so) powerful, all-purpose, and safe throughout the bathroom[1]. It effectively removes soap scum, germs, and other contaminants in even the most hard-to-clean areas: toilet seat, bath, basin, and shower.

Try: Bathroom Cleaner


A high-quality dishwashing liquid is an essential cleaning product in any home. Even those of us with dishwashers know that there will always be a few dishes that need to be washed by hand. Your dishwashing liquid should be environmentally friendly with biodegradable ingredients and it also needs to be gentle on hands.

Whilst most of the products in this category now contain biodegradable ingredients not all of them are effective or gentle. If your dishwashing liquid is not powerful enough to remove and emulsify the small amounts of fat and oil from your dishes, then these fats and oils will be deposited in your drain and pipes causing blockages, odours, and other issues.

Tri Nature’s Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid has been formulated to be not only a powerful cleaner for fats and oils but also to be gentle on hands and delicate dishes. The pH-neutral formula also has many other uses including as a fruit and vegetable wash and as a spray and wipe cleaner for delicate surfaces, so it is a great multi-purpose addition to any eco-friendly cleaning arsenal.

Try: Tri Nature’s Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid


The best way to change to natural products is to try natural products! Collections typically bundle high-selling or like-products into one convenient pack that is at a lower price point than buying them separately. More than anything though, they alleviate the stress or confusion in knowing where to start and give you a taste of what is on offer. You could work your way through the packs, or decide you’re sold on a product and buy the larger single version of it. It is definitely a low-risk option for those unsure about where to start making the eco-change.

Try: Tri Nature Collections

Although we have suggested some of the best eco-friendly products to start with, the entire Tri Nature range is equally ‘the best’ when it comes to doing the job they promise to do. From dishwashing liquid and descalers to carpet cleaners and disinfectants, the best eco-friendly product for you to try will be largely based on what you need the most, and the areas where you personally want to decrease your environmental footprint.

Ready to discover which eco products are best for you?

Scroll through our entire cleaning product range.

[1] Not recommended for use on natural stone or other acid-sensitive surfaces.

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