What makes a cleaning product effective?

There is nothing worse than buying a new eco-friendly cleaning product and after using it you find out that it doesn’t really work that well. Whether it is stains left on your clothes or the surface looking clean until it dries, all you are left with is disappointment and a partially used product you will throw away (which is not what we want when trying to reduce our environmental footprint).

Gone are the days when using an environmentally friendly product means compromising on cleaning performance. At Tri Nature, we pride ourselves on developing eco-friendly products that actually work. Below we will explain some of the process that goes into formulating an effective cleaning product.


When selecting ingredients for our products they must first meet our stringent environmental and safety criteria. We choose to use premium quality naturally derived, renewable, and biodegradable ingredients with low hazard profiles that have minimal impact on the environment and are safe to use. We avoid ingredients that are known to cause issues in the environment like phosphates and nitrates and also ingredients like bleach that are not very safe for the user.

During the development and testing phase, we then select the ingredients that provide superior performance for the selected cleaning job (and eliminate those that don’t). We performance test our products in the lab and also in real-world situations to ensure that they are effective. We also compare our performance with the best-performing products on the market (not only eco products) to ensure that they work just as well, if not better.


When selecting new cleaning products it can be easy to think that a thicker product would be more concentrated and therefore work better than a thinner product which might be watered down, however, this is not always the case.

The product application should be what is used to determine the best consistency for the product. Some products need to be thicker such as a bathroom and toilet cleaner so that it can cling to the toilet bowl or bathtub. Whereas a window cleaner needs to be thinner so that it sprays evenly over the window surface. A spray and wipe cleaner must be able to spread easily over the surface when it is wiped with a cloth.

For our Tri Nature concentrate formulas, we also need to consider the consistency of a product both before and after it is diluted to ensure ease of use for our customers.


Some cleaning products on the market try to cover poor cleaning performance with extra fragrance. These products try to give the feeling of cleaning without actually getting the job done.

At Tri Nature, we believe that fragrances should be added to enhance the cleaning experience without overwhelming the user. All of the herbal extracts and many of the naturally derived materials we use have their own distinctive and sometimes not very pleasant smell. Most of them are certainly not attractive enough to satisfy the customer’s need for a pleasant aroma. We therefore add essential oil blends or phthalate-free essential oil-based fragrances to our products for an enjoyable cleaning experience.

Money back guarantee

Now that you know more about how we create effective cleaning products you will understand why Tri Nature is so confident that you will be satisfied with our products and why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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